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Our team

The strength of the team involved in developing lies in a unique combination of three areas: industry-specific experience relating to accounting, technological knowledge as well as scientific and research skills.

Our team hold competences in the scope of optimising accounting services in BPO, financial reporting in global group of companies, cooperation with investment funds and managing the area of finance from the perspective of a stock-listed company. 

Furthermore, we have hands-on knowledge in the area of executing IT transformation programs and developing digital services (for millions of clients), implementing mechanisms of data governance and implementing recognised ERP-class systems (particularly the FK module). For many years, we have been taking an active part in projects executed according to agile methods (Scrum and Lean). 

Additionally, we are involved in research works on an on-going basis relating to modelling knowledge at an organisation, developing systems of organisational memory and creating an ontology. 

Our ambitions

We believe that digital revolution has just started in the field of accounting. Not only do we want to be included in it but also our goal is to co-create it actively, e.g. by supplying customised digital services in the area of financial reporting.

In our opinion cognitive automation and artificial intelligence may significantly simplify financial reporting process, at the same time improving its quality.

Our history

In mid-2016, after numerous discussions, we initiated an idea of actively joining the digital transformation in accounting, which has recently started to develop. We have decided to focus on the area of financial reporting. It is a more complex area that is subject to increasingly strict regulations. At the same time, this area is highly important in terms of the business aspect (the accounting method may, in fact, influence the financial result of a company). 

In December 2016, we started work on Luca, our bot. In March 2017, its first pilot version was prepared focusing on the IFRS 15 standard.

How we work

We are fans of agile development. This is why we focus on preparing our solutions in the shortest possible iterations, closely cooperating with their users. Hence, your feedback is very valuable for us. At the same time, we always remember that the technological part is prepared in terms of future scalability, taking into account the security requirements.

At this stage our activities are performed in a formula of a non-commercial initiative oriented on research and innovation.